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The Charlie Sizemore Band

Good News



Charlie Sizemore, long ago the lead singer for Ralph Stanley’s Clinch Mountain Boys and apparently still Stanley’s favourite, has released his first disc in five years. Good News is a solid bluegrass collection highlighted by several exceptional songs. “The Less That I Drink” contains the classic country sentiment of “the more I don’t want her around.” The album’s singalong standout is “Alison’s Band,” a whimsical but sincere tribute to Ms. Krauss and her compatriots in Union Station; this one has ‘Song of the Year’ all over it.


The band is more than solid, and is comprised of bluegrass veterans. Bassist John Pennell (writer of Alison’s “Too Late to Cry” and “Every Time You Say Goodbye,” and a former member of Union Station) and dobroist Matt DeSpain each contribute an original, and reveal themselves as expert on their instruments. Danny Barnes (formerly of Pine Mountain Railroad, not of the Bad Livers) is as fine a bluegrass mandolinist as one needs to hear, and Wayne Fields has played with The Boys from Indiana and the New South; he is an excellent banjo player, and his talents are all over this brilliant little disc.


This is a rich bluegrass album, one whose treasures not only glitters on first listen but increase in integrity and value the more time one spends with it. Sizemore’s voice needs to be heard. It is smooth and warm, note perfect throughout.



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