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Justin Townes Earle

The Good Life



Burdened (or blessed) with heavy monikers from two legendary hardcore troubadours, on The Good Life Steve’s son and Van Zandt’s namesake demonstrates that if he isn’t quite ready to be seriously discussed in the same conversations as those who so obviously influenced him, he is more than ready to write his own story.


In his mid-twenties, Justin Townes Earle’s Bloodshot debut is more than impressive and should remove any doubts that he is getting by only on the family name. The collection is a succinct summary of his progression from festival stage tag-along and victim of familial weakness to a songwriter whose songs deserve a second and third listen.


The album kicks off with the relationship defining line “It’s hard livin’ lovin’ you.” The title track takes things up a notch while staying within a loping melody Jimmie Rodgers would have found comfortable. The album, in general, has a retro-country vibe captured by a crew of Nashville musicians.


The spirit of Buck Owens seems to pervade “What Do You Do When You’re Lonesome” with “Turn Out My Lights” capturing the sparse isolation of many Townes Van Zandt songs. “Lone Pine Hill” wouldn’t be out of place on a Scott Miller disc; not a word is extraneous, and each line furthers the description of one man’s Civil War experience.


Justin Townes Earle may be dismissed by some, but on The Good Life he has demonstrated that there is more to his talent than his name.


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  1. I agree with your review, once again. I was a little nervous when I first put this CD into the player, as he does indeed have a LOT to live up to. But Justin has his own style, doesn’t he, and frankly his voice is better than his father’s! (Having said that, I love Steve’s voice…it’s just that Justin’s is more traditional.) Glad to read what you thought of the CD. I haven’t written anything about it yet myself. Running a bit behind!


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