Various Artists- These Times

Various Artists

These Times

Borealis Records


I recently heard a comment to the effect: folk music- changing the world four minutes at a time.


A collection of topical songs recorded by Canadian artists, These Times doesn’t just catalogue the obvious targets of those with a social conscious in the earliest years of this century- the environment, war, corporations, poverty- it provides logical and realistic challenges for individuals to consider. And it does so within (largely) catchy, accessible tunes that don’t belabour their point.


Wonderful stuff. Evalyn Perry’s poetic spoken word diatribe against the plain silliness of the bottled water industry (“Bottle This!”) is clever and thought-provoking, while favourites including Michael Jerome Browne, Enoch Kent, Bob Snider, and Ron Hynes deliver as expected. And it isn’t all moan and groan.


Largely culled from previous Borealis releases, a new song from Eve Goldberg is an instant classic. “The Streets of Burma,” inspired by the recent and ongoing struggles for democracy in Myanmar, summarizes the spirit of folk singers everywhere: “This is history that’s not yet done; And so we raise our voices one by one.”


A change is indeed going to come. Someday.

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