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Luke Doucet & the White Falcon

Blood’s Too Rich

Six Shooter


I’m not sure how many great songs need be on an album to deem it ‘classic,’ but I’m willing to say that four is a fine start. Add in nine more without a stinker in the bunch and a cover of The Cure’s “The Lovecats,” and you have a collection of roots rock that will stand the test of time.


Released a few months ago, I only encountered Blood’s Too Rich in late spring while considering albums for the Polaris Music Prize; regrettably, Luke Doucet’s album didn’t make the cut for final consideration. A shame because it combines the country and indie rock worlds better than anything else I’ve heard of late.  Thoroughly Canadian, Doucet manages to create a sense of geographical space without singing of fields, streams, and the Canadian Shield.


Luke Doucet would go over well with the Corb Lund fans who don’t really like country music. Roots music combined with power pop, as much in common with Shoes and Phil Seymour as the Sadies and Wilco; that’s what Doucet and his combo bring to the table. Big riffs, giant hooks, and summer friendly sing-a-long choruses combine in a mix of city and country that is rare.


“Long Haul Driver” could be off the new Tim Hus album, while “It’s Only Tuesday,” “The Day Rick Danko Died,” and “The Comandante” have  classic rock, The Band, and Dylan overtones. The title track features one of the finest lines of discord: “When I die I will leave no shadows of regret, I’m too tired to make amends that cannot go unsaid.”


The first time I listened to this album, I was driving through the south-central Alberta countryside, driving past farms and forests. The sounds of Doucet and his compatriots ideally suited the sun-soaked morning.


Luke Doucet & the White Falcon have created a modern Canadiana classic.


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