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Dick Damron

Farewell to Arms



I can’t pretend to having ever been a Dick Damron fan. Despite being at least partially raised on CFCW, Damron’s music never impacted me. But, a little Google searching turned up a few songs I recognized- Tequila Charlie’s and Jesus, It’s Me Again among them.


Dick Damron has just delivered his new release, and it is one that should satisfy both long-time fans and those late to discover Bentley’s Canadian Country Hall of Fame member.


Unlike the mostly vibrant and down-right frisky sounds that populated Damron’s The Big Picture, this time the mood is introspective. The album starts out with a swinging tune called All About Love featuring some sad fiddle, but most of songs don’t surpass a shuffle in tempo. Thematically looking inward, The Vanishing Point finds Damron ruminating on the realization that there are many more days in his past than in his future.


There’s a bit of Hoyt Axton in Dollars, and a little Merle in I Stopped Believing in You. Never do Damron’s apparent influences approach mimicry, and Damron demonstrates that he still possesses the vocal range necessary to effectively communicate a song’s intended emotion.


Several of the tunes have been previously recorded by Damron. One of these, the title track, captures the protagonist looking toward a future that leaves the pleasures and trappings his past behind, and is perhaps the album’s defining song.

While it is nice to hear a very excellent country song that places Charley Pride front and center of a couple’s relationship (You and Me and Charlie Pride), misspelling his name is inexcusable. Also unfortunate is that no musician credits are provided.

Farewell to Arms is a fine country collection.


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