Robin & Linda Williams- Buena Vista

Robin & Linda Williams

Buena Vista

Red House


The venerable folk and acoustiblue duo return with their, by my count, 20th album; it is another that will undoubtedly become cherished by their legion of followers.


Little new ground is broken here, and little does that matter. As they have for thirty-some years, the Williams’ sing of love, family, their environment, and whatever else strikes a fancy. “Tied Down, Home Free” takes an irreverent look at long-term commitment, while “I’m Invisible Man” almost moves me to tears. It’s lonesome.


“Maybelle’s Guitar and Monroe’s Mandolin” (“standing there together like they were next of kin”) perfectly captures my exact feelings- but so much more eloquently- upon seeing the legendary instruments amongst the gaudy suits, faded pictures, and modern-day memorabilia in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.


The long-married couple always sounds fresh and lively, no small part due to the inspiration received from their accompanists. Regular readers will know the names- Tim O’Brien, Tim Crouch, Jerry Douglas- but what is more important is the sound they collectively capture. It is like listening to the perfect living room jam, so natural and unfettered is the music.


Linda and Robin have done it again, releasing another seemingly perfect album of contemporary folk music.

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