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Various Artists

African Reggae



Musicologist can argue of Africa’s influence on Jamaica’s reggae, but for listeners the discussion is moot. What matters is the groove, and African Reggae has that in abundance.


Honouring the 64th anniversary of Bob Marley’ birth February 6, African Reggae assembles fairly recent tracks from Africa’s strongest purveyors of the reggae sound. The sensual, vibrant sounds are magnetic, and draw-in even the most rhythmically challenged listener.


Familiar approaches to reggae are presented by artists including Ismael Isaac and Mo’Kalamity & the Wizards. The sounds of Guinea’s Nino Galissa and Ba Cissoko with Tiken Jah Fakoly are less within the traditional reggae pocket, adding kora (harp) and the tradition of the griots (storytellers) to the mix.


Nigeria’s Majek Fashek’s Man of Sorrow positively rocks and comes closest to Marley’s approach, a fitting conclusion to an enchanting, brief examination of African reggae.


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