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Guy Davis

Sweetheart Like You

Red House


Guy Davis, having appeared in Red Deer a couple times over the past few years, approaches the blues like no one else. He knows the blues, but realizes it can be much more than 12-bars and out.


Naming his latest for the Bob Dylan number that kicks off the album, Davis interprets the song- featuring the distressing but timely lyric “they say that patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings”- in a manner only he could pull off.


Davis doesn’t give a rip about expectations and musically goes wherever he pleases. Sometimes it works- as on the originals “Back To Storyville,” ” Sweet Hannah,” and” Words To My Mama’s Song” and sometimes it doesn’t, as when Davis hits a false falsetto on “Slow Motion Daddy.”


As a new-traditionalist, Davis doffs his fedora to those who came before him. He brings several World War II-era songs to a contemporary setting, covering Son House’s “Down South Blues” and a pair of Lead Belly tunes. Willie Dixon’s “Hoochie Coochie Man” is impressively presented. 5-string banjo isn’t heard on every blues album, but Davis puts the instrument to excellent use on a live take of Muddy Waters’ “Can’t Be Satisfied.”


I’ve never heard a Guy Davis album that didn’t make me both smile and think. Sweetheart Like You continues that streak.


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