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David Baxter

Day & Age



The best part of doing what I do is discovering unfamiliar artists. When I received David Baxter’s album in the mail, I had never heard of him. Upon investigation, I learned of his work as an instrumentalist and producer on records by Sherry Kean, Lori Yates, Justin Rutledge, David Wilcox, and others.


With thirty years as a sideman providing seasoning, Baxter’s debut recording is an astutely presented document of an artistic vision.


“I set out to make a Willie Nelson record…but I had to make do with the singer I had,” Baxter is quoted as having said, and while the remark is intended as self-deprecation, truth is revealed. Baxter is no Willie Nelson, and in this case that is a very good thing.


His voice and manner immediately bring to mind the low-key, unruffled approach of Don Williams, and each song conveys a similar vibe. As on Kieran Kane albums, nothing is hurried, and nothing is hidden in the mix; this is especially apparent on a tune such as “I Had to Believe My Eyes,” where Treasa Levasseur’s accordion and Baxter’s guitar frame heartbreaking deception.


There is space within these songs, allowing sounds to be savoured.


Remember the first time you heard Sam Baker?


I believe David Baxter’s Day & Age will impact listeners similarly, although Baxter is certainly less gruff vocally. The album flies by, gently drawing one into the characters, scenarios, and emotions sketched.


The only question remaining is, Why did it take thirty years?


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