Steve Coffey & the Lokels- Twirlin’ Girl Boogie

Steve Coffey & the Lokels

Twirling’ Girl Boogie


I don’t know how known Steve Coffey is outside of Alberta, but I’m certain it isn’t well enough!


Steve Coffey remains a well-kept secret deserving of greater acclaim. Coffey has the voice and the words required in the roots world; he is every bit as gifted as the fellows who get headlines in the media- the Justin Rutledges and Jason Isbells. Heck, I’ll listen to Coffey before Ryan Adams any time.


What separates Coffey from others is the ability to arrange numerous musicians and sounds into a clean, full-bodied brew. His originals are masterful bits of Alberta poetry, revealing the inner workings of relationships and places.


“Rolling Beds,” in which Coffey reveals his inner Eaglesmith, is a standout. Matt Herne’s banjo tracks, shipped around the world from Australia, add a notable clip to “Five Kids” and “Words N Beer.” “Wrong Things Right” isn’t fancy; it is simply a model country song of unapologetic regret.


Calgary’s Dave Bauer platoons on a variety of instruments including mandolin, banjo, and guitar, while Lance Loree appears on various guitars- steel, Dobro, and electric.


In contrast to the vibrantly coloured artwork housing the disc, Coffey’s music- while dynamic- depends more on shade and hue. Like a flickering old film, the vignettes shared by Coffey and the Lokels provide glimpses of character and scenario, often leaving the complete tale to the listener’s imagination.


Steve Coffey & the Lokels are nothing if not consistent. Twirling’ Girl Boogie is their fourth tremendous release, and will satisfy all fans of their country-folk, roots blend.

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