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Enter the Haggis

Gutter Anthems

United for Opportunity 

As someone who had enough of Celtic-pop after the fifth or ninth same-sounding album from Great Big Sea, Toronto’s Enter the Haggis renews a flagging interest.

The hard-touring band’s new album Gutter Anthems pounds out percussive beats enhanced by a battery of pipes, guitars, whistles, and keys that are engrossing and in many ways reminiscent of Wolfstone and Boiled in Lead, favourites from the Great Celtic Scare of fifteen years ago.

Delve below the bombast and one finds substantive lyrical content. DNA looks at the nature of men, and whether the violence that too frequently occurs by their hand is a product of who they are or what they experience. The Death of Johnny Mooring captures the final moments of a touring musician’s life, where Noseworthy and Piercy is a fine telling of a Maritime tale.

“I’m gonna bury my demons in the cold, cold ground,” sings the band’s third lead vocalist Craig Downie on Bury My Demons. But one shouldn’t think that ETH’s seventh album is an entirely heavy affair. Brian Bchanan’s  powerful voice brings a spry mood to each track on which he is featured, while Trevor Lewington’s is more other-worldy, but equally energetic.

 Gutter Anthems is a rockin’ roots disc deftly capturing the rhythms of modern Celtic music.


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