Watermelon Slim- Escape from the Chicken Coop

Watermelon Slim

Escape from the Chicken Coop

Northern Blues

It isn’t unheard for blues singers to cut a country album; Tracy Nelson did so four decades ago, and numerous other artists have explored their country sides.

On Escape from the Chicken Coop, Watermelon Slim- Bill Homans when he’s at home- cuts loose on a collection of mostly truck-driving songs, blurring the line between country and blues.

Having been a trucker for much of his life, Slim approaches the material with honesty; the self-penned songs- especially “Caterpillar Whine”, “300 Miles”, and “America’s Wives”¬- sound natural coming from the slide guitarist. A plum pitiful performance of “Wreck on the Highway” and a rousing “Hank Williams You Wrote My Life”- seal the deal.

Slim’s slightly slurred singing- whether caused by a tobacco plug, loose dentures, or a natural speech pattern- takes some getting used to, but once it catches, it doesn’t let go.

Recorded with top-flight Nashville studio cats, Watermelon Slim’s fourth disc for Ontario’s Northern Blues label continues his streak of superior releases.

4 thoughts on “Watermelon Slim- Escape from the Chicken Coop

  1. I don’t have any top teeth. Truckers seem to have worse teeth than most Americans. It’s the diet, partially, the irregular hours, and the involuntary clenching of your jaw while concentrating on what you are doing. The safety of the road and everyone on it depends upon the conscientious truck driver, believe it!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Fervor Coulee, Slim. I appreciate the information provided. As you could tell from my comment, I wasn’t sure the reason for your unique vocal delivery, as you can tell from my review, and couldn’t find mention of it elsewhere. I’ve enjoyed your music from the first time I heard it, and hope that EftCC does well for you and Northern Blues. Donald

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