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As do many of us who write about music, I have thoughts. Some deep, mostly not. Listening to as much roots-based music as I do, song lyrics are especially important to me. My problem is, I’m lazy. And I don’t read music. And I don’t write songs. But I come up with the occasional line that- I think- is clever, pointed, and/or semi-humourous and may work in a song- if I had any talent in that area. So I’ve decided to start offering up some of these here at Fervor Coulee. Songwriters are welcome to use them if the words inspire them to create something from the words or to include the words in something already being created.

Two offerings to start, both of which came to mind yesterday:

1. Her Father Thanked Me (On Our Wedding Day)- this could go two ways. One would be as a sincere, syrupy “Butterfly Kisses” type of song where the Father takes the groom aside and offers his thanks for making his little girl so happy and ensuring her future. Or, and I prefer this one, it could be a twisted little thing where the father thanks the groom for taking on the daughter and all her baggage, for making Daddy’s problem child someone else’s. I can see it working.

2. Here is the lyric I’ve got floating in my head- “I’m getting a sense for how those bison felt, long ago at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump.” I hear Tom Russell singing it (knowing he already dropped Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump into a song)  or John Wort Hannam, given his southern Alberta roots. I see the song as being about a guy feeling pressure from behind his back, being rushed into decisions he regrets, and ultimately seeing a cliff before him.

There. I’m awaiting the royalty cheques. Seriously, though- maybe if I throw enough of these pearls (perils) of wisdom out there, something will take! Cheers, and thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald


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