Dale Ann Bradley news

I love Dale Ann Bradley’s music, and the fact that she is one of the nicest people within the world of bluegrass makes one want to do even more to promote word of her excellent bluegrass music. She recently appeared here in Red Deer, and the show- presented by the Waskasoo Bluegrass Music Society- was absolutely incredible.

Dale Ann was in excellent voice, played the guitar like she was ringin’ a bell- man, she is one smooth player. A great set of songs, although I wouldn’t have minded a few more of the older tunes, but that is definitely nit-picking.
As you may know, Dale Ann recently had her band shaken up once again with Terry B. leaving rather abruptly, and we would have loved to have heard his talents last night. But let me tell you, for what it’s worth- the band she put together for this brief tour of Alberta is one I hope holds together for a good long time.
I had never heard of Mike Sumner prior to his walking into the hall that night, but I left impressed. The notes just popped from his flathead. Brandon Godman’s fiddling went over huge with the audience, and we had more than a few knowledgeable listeners in the audience. More than one person mentioned how tight the band sounded. Ron Shuffler on bass is a true gentleman of the south, if I can be so bold, and while Chris Harris may be giving Trisha Gagnon a run for the longest hair in bluegrass, he can more than hold his own on the mando, and has a fine voice.
And Dale Ann is quite simply the best- generous, pleasant, easy to work with- the sound check was done and over in about 5 minutes. Everyone was so friendly, which we are quite used to with our visiting American guests, but Dale Ann and her crew took things to a new level of genuineness and good-naturedness, which aren’t really words, but they work.
A most impressive performance; it appeared everyone was hanging onto every note.
Festival bookers and presenters- have no fear that Dale Ann isn’t at the top of her game. She is- and she just keeps getting better and better. If I could, I’d have her back immediately. Maybe we’d get more people out- that was the only negative- not enough bums in the seats. Not sure what we can do differently, but we’ll keep trying!
Anyhow, I told you that to tell you this- Dale Ann will be hitting the road in 2010 with former band member Michael Cleveland. The Bluegrass Blog has all the news:


Best, Donald

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