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A night ago, I had never heard of Glossary. I’ve since discovered that they’ve been around for years, have a number of albums, and a very wonderful sound. I’m sharing this because the band needs to be heard, and while I haven’t heard everything and am only the 97th most influential roots music writer in Canada- if I’ve missed them, I’m guessing others have as well.

And here’s the deal- they have two albums up on their website for free download. The first is their new album entitled The Better Angels of Our Nature. As I am wont to say, “It’s better than the Wilco.” Perhaps the best song title of 2009- “Gasoline Soaked Heart,” and the tune lives up to the billing.

The second is a fresh release by one of the band members, Joey Kneiser. Music is not a competition, but this release (The All-Night Bedroom Revival) is stellar- Darkness on the Edge of Town meets Songs: Ohia, just not as happy. The Anti-Gap commercial soundtrack, perhaps.¬†Give them a listen; you won’t regret the time spent. Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee, Donald


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