The Wheat Pool- Hauntario

The Wheat Pool



Sounding like Elvis Perkins after spending a train ride being tutored in wordsmithing by Tom Russell and in melody from Chris Stamey, Edmonton’s The Wheat Pool has garnered positive press from publications far beyond our province’s borders.

Their sweeping amalgamation of rock, country, blues, and folk influences place the Canadiana quartet firmly at the fore when one considers premier roots outfits.

For the uninitiated, The Wheat Pool’s second album contains not only evidence of development since their impressive debut two years ago, but is a refinement of a mature and distinctive sound. It is a harder album, one that endures comparisons to Canadian bands including The Western States and The Deep Dark Woods while holding up to notables including Son Volt and Wrinkle Neck Mules.

Hauntario’s eleven tracks explore personalities, relationships, and places from a Canadian perspective. Guitar-based, the sounds created by this quartet fronted by brothers Robb and Mike Angus inspire images of lush prairie land- and cityscapes stained by dark remnants of failed and lost love. Crazy Horse rumblings within tracks such as “This Is It” and “Evangeline” and the free-spirited minimalism of “Nervous Bird” further illuminate influences.

This one has been out for a couple months and sends out vibes that resonate long after initial listens. It is an album that one appreciates more as time passes, as the intricate compositions become familiar and engrained.

The band’s website is and they are on the usual social networking sites as well. I think they are worth more than a listen.

Also, I’ve been added to the slate of writers at which simply means I’ve somehow fooled them again. Don’t hold it against ’em. I’m working on a review for them- which means the CD is sitting on my desk- and I hope that this will be a productive relationship for all parties.

Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald

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