Chris Scruggs

I just noticed that Chris Scruggs has a recent album, Anthem. I listened to the tracks on his MySpace site and am quite intrigued- as much Ray Davies as Gail Davies, if I can (try to) be so clever. I liked his work with BR549 and on his mother’s Bluegrass Inn live disc.

Ever since I became aware of Chris, I’ve had a soft spot for him. I’ve been a bit disturbed at Earl’s refusal (in print and in person) to acknowledge Chris, but I suspect that matter will remain- for whatever reason- in the family. When I briefly interviewed Mr. Scruggs a few years back, I pointedly asked  of his grandchildren’s interest in music, following up on a comment he had made. He stated that none were, none had expressed an interest;  I didn’t belabour the point, having no desire to beat up on an older man and having respect for his contributions to bluegrass, but I still thought it was sad that a man would discount a grandchild. to give it a listen. Available on iTunes and eMusic.

Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald

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