FREE Drive-By Truckers- New song available for download

I have a very strange little relationship with the Drive-By Truckers.

I have all their albums, and even paid cash money for several of them. I have reviewed two of the albums, one favourably and one very unfavourably. I didn’t hear Southern Rock Opera until several years after it was released, but looked for it for a few before I ever found it.  All that said, outside of the two albums I’ve reviewed and SRO, I’m pretty sure I haven’t listened to any of the other albums more than three times. Obviously, I don’t pick their albums up for a listen too often, but I have several concerts downloaded from various semi-legitimate sources- and think they are something special. I bought the Booker T. album only because of the DBT’s involvement, enjoy the solo recordings from Patterson Hood, and think “George Jones Talking Cell Phone Blues” is a near perfect song.

And yet, I don’t consider myself a ‘fan’ of the band because, whenever I listen to a complete album- outside of SRO– I’m kinda disappointed. Like I said, it is a strange relationship. I think I like the band, but I can’t jump into the deep-end without holding onto the side. Normally with bands, I’m either all in or I walk right past…Not sure why I hold back when it comes to the DBTs and yet, keep coming back. 

Now that you’ve endured that aimless ramble, here’s the pay-off- a legitimate link to the band’s new song, the title of which I can’t print here because I think- in general- profanity is lazy and in poor taste. I’ve downloaded the song, but haven’t been bothered to listen to it yet. Yes, my strange relationship continues…

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