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I’m sure there is a more humiliating feeling than walking up to a bar and being denied admission, but fortunately I don’t get to experience such too often. But this was the case tonight in Red Deer when I strolled up to The Vat and saw a sign stating that tonight’s Matt Andersen show was sold out. After enquiring, I was forced to turn and do the walk of shame past the smokers and latecomers who had places reserved by earlier arriving friends.

Good for Matt and the bar- I’m sure the business is much appreciated on all fronts. But, geez…I really wanted to hear tonight’s show, especially having advanced it repeatedly in my newspaper column. One hopes those in the bar are going to enjoy the New Brunswick-native’s performance as much as I think I would have. Pays to get there early, I suppose.

Therefore, I’ll sit at home tonight- watch the Oilers lose and then listen to Live at the Liberty House. Maybe it’ll be just like being there- except I’ll save $20 or $30.


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