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I guess I should have seen this one coming. Pinecastle Records have announced that they will cease business as of February 1.

Cort Riggs released a statement to The Bluegrass Blog stating: ” Given recent events related to my father’s health and the current business environment, we find it necessary to cease operation of Pinecastle Records effective February 1, 2010.

Artists and distributors will be able to purchase Pinecastle product through Music Shed, the retail/wholesale outlet started by my father and myself more than 22 years ago. Music Shed will continue to operate from our current location in Columbus, NC and can be reached at 828-894-2446.

We will soon begin exploring how to best preserve the vast catalog Tom, the artists and talented staff of Pinecastle have amassed over the 20-year history of the label.

Tom will be settling in to a skilled nursing facility, close to our family, and in the near future we hope to visit with our many old friends at shows and festivals.”

Pinecastle Records was a truly independent label, releasing some incredible bluegrass music over their twenty years. Some of my favourite albums and artists were associated with Pinecastle over the years, including Dale Ann Bradley, the New Coon Creek Girls, Grasstowne, David Parmley & Continental Divide, The Special Consensus, John Cowan, and The Osborne Brothers, whose historical Detroit to Wheeling project is in my Top 30 bluegrass albums of all-time. (And if I ever actually made such a list, I’m certain other Pinecastle titles would be in there.)  Additionally, their innovative ‘Sideman’ series of releases provided instrumentalists an opportunity to step-out on their own to focus on their own creativity. Pinecastle had high quality releases right to the end with The Dixie Bee-Liner’s Susanville, a brilliant ‘concept’ album that works.

Personally, Pinecastle was one of the first labels to take a flier on me and support my writing by supplying me with copies of albums to review. We’ve seen many bluegrass friendly labels stepback, slow down, or disappear in recent years- Copper Creek, Acoustic Disc, CMH, Lavenir, Hay Holler, Doobie Shea- and others releasing fewer projects than previously, and so it is with some concern that we witness the shutdown of yet another label.

Please continue to support the label and the Riggs family through purchasing through the Music Shed They’re good folks.

Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald


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