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My review of a new compilation album from Lonesome Day Records has been posted to Lonesome Road Review. I was plenty surprised to thoroughly enjoy this album. Saccharine, sweet ‘I love my daddy songs’ make me want to hurl, but I didn’t get that feeling from this collection. It is heartfelt, sincere music that is strong in faith- all definitions of the word. The album gets released March 23.

Various Artists
The Very Things You Treasure
Lonesome Day Records
4 stars (out of 5)

Lonesome Day Records may not have the deepest or most active catalogue in the bluegrass music business, but what music they have released has been of quality.

The disc’s liner notes begin, “Music is the lifeblood of our temporary existence.” I surely can’t argue with that sentiment. Faith and family have—along with murder, deception, and drinking— been woven into the roots of bluegrass music since the beginning. This 24-track collection assembles a generous offering of that which has appeared on the Lonesome Day label since 2002.

This compilation is focused on articles of faith and family and almost every one of the label’s artists are represented. Blue Moon Rising has four cuts including “Pawpa Taught Me” and “He Arose.” Darrell Webb’s clever and spot-on “Thank You Father for My Dad,” written by John Pennell and Jeff Barbra, is a highlight as are the songs from Rick Bartley and Sam Wilson, early signings to the label.

Steve Gulley, Randy Kohrs, Jeff Parker, Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time, and Lou Reid & Carolina are also represented. Perhaps most appreciated is the opportunity to reexamine three songs from Ernie Thacker’s out of print Doobie Shea album, The Chill of Lonesome. “Father, Son, & Holy Ghost,” “Little Piece of Land,” and “Momma Preached and Daddy Plowed” sum up this album’s purpose in just a titch over ten minutes.

An enjoyable summary of what the label has represented.


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