Walkin’ Talkin’ Dancin’ Singin’- April 26, 2010

What I Listened to This Week, beyong the usual CKUA, WDVX.com, and Sirius/XM 65:

The album I enjoyed most this week!

Sparks- No. 1 In Heaven: Rock n roll people in a disco world, y’all.

Dailey & Vincent- Sing the Statler Brothers and Singing From the Heart: The first wasn’t quite as good, for me, as I had hoped based on “Do You Know You Are My Sunshine” (which I’ve heard several times on Sirius 65) but the second was a really nice listen- southern gospel acapella.

Shelby Lynne- Tears, Lies, & Alibis: Most surprising- I’ve barely listened to her since My Name Is… because everything I’ve heard has been dreadfully boring. But “Old #7” caught my attention when I was browsing the new releases on eMusic, and I downloaded the album in a spontaneous act of commercialism. It is a very fine album.

Brinsley Schwarz- Hen’s Teeth: Of interest only to fans. And I’m one.

Payolas- No Stranger to Danger: Hadn’t listened to it- or them- in years. Nice reintroduction.

Joy Division- Closer: Still riding the wave of watching the Joy Division film on Movie Central.

Mary Chapin Carpenter- The Age of Miracles: Assigned by Country Standard Time. An engaging listen. A terrific collection of songwriting.

Bob Walkenhorst- Live Feb. 17, 24, and March 3, 2010: I had OD’ed on live Walkenhorst over the past many months and took a wee break through February and March; only catching up on my listening now. It is nice to be back.

Moya Brennan- Two Horizons: Soothing. Very soothing.

The John Hartford Stringband- Memories of John: I am looking forward to writing about this one.

Delhi 2 Dublin- Planet Electric: Can music still be groovy?

Andrew Downing- Silents: Chamber music for silent films- really enjoyable in a coffeehouse listening kind of way.

The Rainmakers- Flirting with the Universe and The Good News and The Bad News: Friday morning. No work. Coffee is on. What to do???

The Farewell Drifters- Yellow Tag Mondays: I’ll listen to this one more.

David Newberry- When We Learn the Things We Need to Learn: Coming to Red Deer tomorrow night. This might even get me off the couch.

Mary Gauthier- The Foundling: Writes about adoption and isolation with such honesty and clarity.

Summertown Road- Summertown Road: MOR bluegrass. Not bad, but didn’t grab me.

Nazareth- Anthology (disc 1): Now you’re messin’…

Deep Purple- Come Hell or High Water: Bought in a Greek newspaper while on holiday last summer and only got around to it last week. I enjoyed it.

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