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For several years, Blueberry was an annual stop on my bluegrass summer circuit; my father-in-law attended about six or seven years in a row. I’ve only been back once in the past seven or so years- since the Tames family moved on- but I fully intend to get there late this July.

This year’s lineup, as the fest celebrates its 25th year, looks darn fine with both sets of Vincents- Rhonda and Dailey & Vincent. Claire Lynch has played Blueberry before and The Mashville Brigade should present some fiery pickin’. Of more interest to me will be The Gibson Brothers and The Spinney Brothers, as well as Rob and Dodie Baker’s band, A Page in Time. Another Alberta band, The Bix Mix Boys, are always entertaining.

However, none of those folks would get me to spend at least part of a very busy weekend at Stony Plain at this point in my life. It is just too hard to get away. Fred does it, though. Yes, Fred Eaglesmith is making his Blueberry debut. I don’t care what kind of show Fred has planned for the fairly trad. Blueberry crowd, but I suspect they haven’t seen anything like it before. If it is a regular Fred show, wonderful. If Fred does a bluegrass show, even better. I hope it is a bluegrass show, as Balin’ is my favourite Eaglesmith disc and I’ve always wanted to hear Fred do bluegrass live.

When I spoke to Fred (briefly) last summer, he mentioned that he hoped to do another bluegrass album someday. His upcoming disc, Cha Cha Cha, isn’t it; maybe the next one?


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