Edmonton Folk Music Festival, 2010

The annual festival lineup has been announced. The fest goes August 5-8. This year’s lineup isn’t as obviously explosive as it is some years. There is a marked emphasis on youth and folk-pop fusion. Colin Hay appears to be the new Bill Bourne or Tom Russell, making his almost annual appearance. Considerable examination of the list reveals much of personal interest, including my new favourite singer John Boutte. I’m also very interested in catchin Jill Hennessey, the Crossing Jordan star who is also a fabulous singer, IMO. Tyson, Escovedo, Russell, and Prine wave the singer-songwriter flag with The Levon Helm Band offering perhaps the most anticipated set.

While I haven’t read any reaction to the released lineup, I’m anticipating some negative press. If there isn’t a considerable ‘name’ to balance off the continued lack of Van Morrison, Dylan (Bob, not the listed Jakob), or Joni Mitchell, there seems to be an automatic reaction that the lineup is weak.

I don’t think this lineup is weak. Just very different than what some would have liked to see. What shouldn’t surprise us is this- every year the festival ends up being amazing. I wouldn’t count this year out until it is over. Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee.


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