Walkin’ Talkin’ Dancin’ Singin’- June 7, 2010

No time for elaboration this week- just the facts; lots of CanCon this week as I narrowed my Polaris ballot:

The Blue Shadows- On The Floor of Heaven I could listen to this one all week- and maybe I did. The bonus disc adds to my appreciation of this 1993 release. Nicely paced. The liner notes- available via download- are excellent.

The album I most enjoyed this week!

Blue Rodeo- The Things We Left Behind Surprising to me, considering the last song of BR’s that I thought was fresh was “Try.” A pretty pleasing disc.

Roland White- I Wasn’t Born to Rock ‘n Roll A great bluegrass reissue.

Susan Cowsill- Lighthouse I’m on a bit of a Cowsill kick; it happens a couple times a year.

The Wilderness of Manitoba- Hymns of Love and Spirits

One Horse Blue- One Horse Blue Who cares if they recycle licks and tricks from the Doobies and Eagles. A heck of an album.

Woodpigeon- Die Stadt Muzikanten

Miranda Lambert- Crazy Ex-Girlfriend One of a few commercial country albums for this week. Starts good, finishes strong…the middle is a snooze.

Alan Jackson- Frieght Train Never has an Eaglesmith song sounded so harmless. Jackson is like George Strait to me- always enjoyable but never lasting. I get bored easily by his albums.

Jeffery Hatcher and the Big Beat- Cross Our Hearts Still great.

The Earl Brothers- The Earl Brothers A masterful album; nothing else like it released in the last year.

Dan Mangan- Nice, Nice, Very Nice One day I’ll get through to track 8 without falling asleep. Just not today. Or yesterday.

Mark Chesnutt- Outlaw Covers of what you’d expect. Is a bad version of “Black Rose” possible?

Various Artists- Highway to Hell (Mojo- June 2010) Fitting soundtrack to my reading of Horns.

Jackson Browne & David Lindley- En Vivo Con Tino Spontaneous purchase this weekend while in the big city. Saw it in Hardly Much Variety and bought without knowing what it was. Only listened to Disc One so far; acoustic, live, in Europe. So far, I’m quite enjoying.

The Farewell Drifters- Wellow Tag Mondays Need to write about this one this week. It is worthy finding.

The Sadies- Darker Circles

Danny and the Champions of the World- Streets of Our Time

The New Pornographers- Together

Billie Joe Becoat- Reflections from a Cracked Mirror

Jill Hennessey- Ghost in my Head

Various Artists- Buena Vista Social Club at Carnegie Hall Every buy an album and immediately wonder a) What? and b) Dang? Okay, other than The Doors Greatest Hits, because we’ve all regretting buying that one. Not sure what I was thinking- I traded in the original Buena Vista Social Club album six or seven years ago after one or two listens. This one is lively and quite enjoyable at times, but the piano based numbers put me into an immediate fog. I suspect this one will get traded in on my next visit to the used store.

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