Fred Eaglesmith on Letterman

While it didn’t change the course of network television, it may well change the course of Fred’s career. Looking like a secondary character from Carnivàle, Fred’s highly publicized appearance on Letterman Friday night, June 18 (recorded the previous Monday) went off without an apparent hitch. Performing “Careless” from Cha Cha Cha with the full assemblage of The Fred Eaglesmith Road Show, Fred was all Fred- calm, cool, and calculated. I’ve been listening to Cha Cha Cha for a couple weeks now and had identified “Careless” as among the most accessible tracks within a dense collection of odd (to be clear, that is not a negative) songs and performances. Within the ‘live’ context, the song worked very well and Fred was beaming by the time Dave ambled over. It was a strange but restrained performance on a huge stage, and I do hope it causes the sales of Fred’s new album to go through the roof; I enjoy mid-90s Fred much more, but I’m not going to knock anyone for changing their style over time. Count me among those who never thought they would see Fred on Letterman, but it is a logical placement- Dave has always taken chances with his musical guests, featuring many one would not anticipate.

Eaglesmith will be spending most of July in Alberta this year, beginning at Pembina River Nights July 9 (  and wrapping up at the nearby Grandview Stage at Cow Lake August 5 ( I can’t wait to see how Fred goes over at Blueberry Bluegrass! (

From New York’s Ed Sullivan Theatre to the Grandview Stage in less than six weeks- the life of a road musician!

Letterman clip here:

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