Mark Erelli- Making Sense, Again   2 comments

Mark Erelli just released a new album entitled Little Vigils. On his website this month he wrote an impassioned piece on the importance of the journey in music discovery. He asks the question, “When you can find an answer (though it may not be correct) to any question with a simple web search or hear nearly everything ever recorded with a few keystrokes, what can any of it be worth?” He uses his ‘gateway’ band- The Grateful Dead- to his discovery of George Jones. He clearly makes an argument I’ve unsuccessfully attempted to communicate- the search for music is as important as the listening to the music. Read more at


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2 responses to “Mark Erelli- Making Sense, Again

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  1. Hmmm..I’m on Mark’s email list and usually get the updates to his website that way, but I must have missed this somehow. Glad to have stumbled on it here. Sort of underscores your point! Thanks…

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