Walkin’ Talkin’ Dancin’ Singin’- July 19 & August 2, 2010

The album I'm most glad I listened to last week

Two weeks in one this time out, with lots of time for listening and reflecting. Our plans changed and instead of heading up to Stony for a day of Blueberry, we headed to the mountains and the Canmore Folk Music Festival. I’ll write about that later; a great time was had.

Rachel Sweet- Fool Around A few years ago, Maria McKee wrote about this album in Mojo and made the comment that Lone Justice would not have existed without it. Having finally read her comments, they closed a circle for me as I have long believed that the influence of this album- marginalized as it was upon release to new wave soft, adolescent porn amid many a twitter and scoff- has been underappreciated. As McKee wrote, “She’s got that baby voice, but there is real muscle there too, a bit like Brenda Lee.” An album that I can sing and play air drums to all the way through.

George Jones- Anniversary: Ten Years of Hits Lots of schlock, but several great songs.

Jerry Castle- Don’t Even Ask

The Wailin’ Jennys- Firecracker and Live at the Mauch Chunk Opera House– Listening to the Jennys in anticipation of writing a Ruth Moody review. I got a chuckle while in one of the mall stores late last week when I spotted the Wailin’ Jennys filed in the country section under Waylon Jennings.

Megan Jerome- Bloomers

Mary Kastle- Beneath the Folds Still trying to find the right words. Very impressive is a start.

Baskery- Fall Among Thieves A better album than the band was in the little set I heard last weekend in Calgary.

Tom Russell- Cowboy’d All to Hell Did I really need yet another set of Russell remixes and re-recordings. Turns out, I did. Another excellent set from T.R.

Bob Walkenhorst- 2010.04.14 Kansas City, MO

Matt Urmy- Shadow of a Lovely Place and Sweet Lonesome See review at Lonesome Standard Time

Tony Owen- I Got Soul New Orleans soul, that is.

The Acorn- No Ghost

Katrina Leskanich- The Live Album No big surprises. I’ll spend more time with this one.

Lonesome Traveler- Looking for a Way See review at Lonesome Standard Time

Ruth Moody- The Garden Review to follow soon.

 Steven L. Smith- Outside of Tupelo See review at Lonesome Standard Time

Greg Kihn- Mutiny Greg Kihn from before I had ever heard the term No Depression.  I picked up this album for $2 the other day, having never seen or heard of it before. It is a bit alt.country, a lot roots, and very, very good.

Chris Rea- The Road to Hell & Back Live jazz pop from a few years ago. A spontaneous pick-up at the used store. Quite nice, but I doubt I’ll listen to it again.

Mike Plume Band- 8:30 Newfoundland Released at the absolute wrong time last year, just two weeks before the cut-off date for the 2009 Polaris Music Award. As such, it had no chance and as it was, I didn’t even know it existed until about a month later. A brilliant album, definitely one of Plume’s finest collections and one of my favourites of 2009. Every song is memorable.

Mike West- Interstate 10 Reminds me that I need to get to the disc shelves way more often. With fine excuses, sometimes it seems I spend too much time with new releases and too little listening to old favourites. I’m not sure why I went looking for it, but I’m glad I did. A super set with great insights including, “All my love songs have got too many words, Buddy Holly wrote about the best loves songs I think I ever heard.”

Crooked Still- Some Strange Country

Willie Nelson- Country Music

David Ball- Sparkle City

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