New album from Rodney Decroo

I don’t normally do this, but Rodney is one of the good guys and if I can help just a little, I want to- two Red Deer dates coming Sept. 20 and 21. More at

Northern Electric Records is proud to announce the release of Rodney DeCroo’s new “double” cd Queen Mary Trash on Thursday, September 09, 2010.

In the long run, Queen Mary Trash will be viewed as a milestone event for Vancouver (via Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) singer-songwriter Rodney DeCroo. Recorded over a mere five days, the two-disc set captures DeCroo and band at a feverish peak of creativity and ability, across 24 tracks ranging from the balls-out crunch of “Riverboat” to the gentle poetics of “Voyager”.
It was 2006 when the live album War Torn Man had critics across Canada unanimously declaring the authenticity of DeCroo’s voice, and the hard-won brilliance of his songwriting. Here was a man who could extract both breathtaking beauty and sweet howling rage from a difficult life, both his own and the hard knock lives of others. Mockingbird Bible in 2008 was a softly devastating yet strangely uplifting tour through the shadows, and certified DeCroo as one of the country’s premier folk-rock /roots performers and songwriters.
With Queen Mary Trash, producer-guitarist Jon Wood faced an embarrassment of riches. DeCroo was writing at a furious pace, and widening his scope – he’s a reborn soul man on “Out of This World”; a fanged satirist on the remarkable “Paris Spleen”; and he brings brimstone and fire to “Elijah, Come On!Carolyn Mark is on board for the entire album; along with Kris Welch and Ryan Olszewski, of Vancouver’s late roots-chargers No Horses, both of whom throw down some vicious guitar on “Night Field Again”, and “Sorrow On the Mountain”.

Queen Mary Trash will be available in stores and online as of Thursday, September 09, with a CD release party that evening at The Wise Hall in East Vancouver, featuring DeCroo with His Convictions and special guests Carolyn Mark and storyteller/ writer Ivan Coyote slated to perform sets. The release show will be followed by a 20 date Western Canadian Tour (see dates below).

Joining DeCroo and His Convictions on the road is the astounding Carolyn Mark.

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