Walkin’ Talkin’ Dancin’ Singin’- August 16, 2010

The album I most enjoyed this week.

Danielle Doyle- The Cartographer’s Wife I’m getting closer to finding the words for this album. It is one of those discs that I discover something new to appreciate with every listen. Her voice is especially appealing, reminding me a little of one of the Be Good Tanyas. Seek out this one.

Red Horse- Red Horse Reviewed in the column this coming Friday, I’ve listened to this one several times and keep coming back to it. Listening just today with fresh ears, the depth of the voices and the mastery of the art are so appreciated. A stellar album.

Alejandro Escovedo- Street Songs of Love and The Alejandro Escovedo String Quartet  Room of Songs Two very different recordings that engage dissimilar elements of Escovedo’s talents. While I always enjoy hearing Escovedo kick it out, I most appreciate the gentler side that he occasionally reveals. I only just learned of and found the Quartet album and appreciate it a little more with every song and listen.

The Mountains & The Trees- I Made This For You

Kathy Kallick Band- Between the Hollow and the High-Rise A great bluegrass album.

Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice- Heartaches and Dreams

Will White- Rise Above

D.B. Rielly- Love Potions and Snake Oil Working on a review of this one; a wide range of sounds and approaches. Quite nice.

Black 47- Fire of Freedom Enjoyed this one’s spirit.

Jay Clark- Live at Jammin’ at Hippie Jack’s A two-disc collection from East Tennessee’s favourite modern songwriter- and if he isn’t, he should be- I am never disappointed by Jay Clark. Yes, I’ve heard these songs before and no, he doesn’t significantly alter them. But when I picture Jay sitting on a stool singing these songs to a collection of people who not only get him and appreciate his perspective, but who have lived his words, I feel that much more of a connection to his songs. If you haven’t heard Jay Clark, this is a great place to start.

Dave Carter with Tracy Grammer When I Go This album has been in my eMusic Saved for Later file simply because I was certain I already had it but couldn’t find it. Three years later, I accept that maybe I didn’t already have it. Makes me miss even more what I only caught live once. They had a special connection, but this album is- as the title implies- largely Carter and that is what I needed this week.

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band- London Calling: Live in Hyde Park Watched the DVD this past week. Let no one accuse Springsteen of not working for a living. By the time this three-hour journey is finished, Springsteen is drenched to the knees in sweat. Yes, the voice gets hoarse in places, maybe even flat, but the songs and energy carry the day.

Steve Forbert- Bang Contest EP Send in a cover of the oft repackaged Van Morrison Bang sessions, get a digital EP of recent live cuts. My offering is to be added as #21, but hasn’t made it yet.

Cowboy Junkies- The Radio One Sessions Has anyone ever heard an ‘off’ recording of the Cowboy Junkies? I haven’t.

Hugh Dillon- Works Well With Others Formerly the chief Headstone and now an actor, Dillon returned to the studio for this offering. It’s pretty good, but not essential.

The Cat Empire- Cinema

Badfinger- The Best of Badfinger Three great songs and some others that I can’t remember.

The Payola$- Hammer on a Drum Sounds as good if not as vital as when first heard. Need to pull out No Stranger to Danger.

Great American Taxi- Streets of Gold Gladly overpaid for this one at the Central Music Festival this weekend. As I had heard many of these songs live on various live recordings, nothing surprised me too much but I’m glad to have the set. “Lumpy Beanpole and Dirt” is a terrific number.

Tim O’Brien- Chicken & Egg Like just about every other Tim O’Brien album. Expertly played, fresh songs. More mainstream Americana rather than bluegrass .

Rolling Stones- Exile on Main Street Reissue, disc 2 I bought the single disc version when it was re-released but haven’t listened to it yet. I borrowed the 2-disc set from the library and gave the second disc a listen today. Sounds fine, but I’m not interested enough to listen to the bonus material again.

Continuing my way through the pile and onto the ‘B’ titles:

Dan Baird & Homemade Sin- self-titled An okay rock and roots album with a couple catchy songs, but doesn’t come close to having the staying power of his earlier album Love Songs for the Hearing Impaired.

David Ball- Heartaches By the Number I understand why Ball would want to make this album and the performances are more than solid. A fine listen with some great songs included, but I doubt I’ll listen to it again very soon.

The Banana Splits- We’re the Banana Splits A nice slice of history. I attempted to watch an episode the other day and realized that some fond memories of childhood should never be revisited. Having said that, it is hard to beat “The Tra La La Song!”

Bobby Bare & Skeeter Davis- Your Husband, My Wife I love the Internet for lots of reasons. This is one of them. Solid, mainstream 60s country.

Bobby Bare- I’m A Long Way From Home

Willie P. Bennett- Blackie and the Rodeo King and Hobo’s Lament Whenever I dig out a Willie P. album, I feel some kind of good. I saw something about Willie being honoured at the upcoming Canadian Country Music Awards, which is a good thing.

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