Fervor Coulee’s Favourite Canadian Roots Albums of 2010   Leave a comment

A final post this evening, to round out the Favourites of the Year series.

So much good music, so little time to  allow it to actuallysoak in and become engrained within ones soul.

A top 20 list would have worked here, but a top 10 makes more sense as a concise summation of the Canadian music I most enjoyed this year. I’ve deliberately not included any Alberta talent on this list as I’ll be publishing a top 5 Alberta roots list next week in the newspaper. Yes, J.R. Shore is from Calgary; blame it on fatigue! This isn’t science- precision isn’t always necessary.

Through my participation on the Polaris Music Prize jury, I have the opportunity to listen to a tonne of Canadian music. Unfortunately, most of it is what might have once been categorized as rock; in my experience, not enough roots music makes its way to the jury discussions. Still, I was able to sample a pretty healthy dose of Canadian roots this year, and these are ten of my favourites, most of which have been reviewed, described, or discussed here at Fervor Coulee.

  1. Kim Beggs- Blue Bones
  2. J.R. Shore- Talkin’ on a Bus
  3. The Sadies- Darker Circles
  4. Jenny Whiteley- Forgive and Forget
  5. Fred Eaglesmith- Cha Cha Cha
  6. Ron Hynes- Stealing Genius
  7. The Cowboy Junkies- Renmin Park- Nomad Series, Volume 1
  8. Jim Byrnes- Everywhere West
  9. The Mountains and The Trees- I Made This For You
  10. The Wilderness of Manitoba- When You Left the Fire

Reissues, both courtesy of Bumstead Records: The Blue Shadows On the Floor of Heaven and k.d. lang A Truly Western Experience.

Thanks for spending some time at Fervor Coulee today and throughout the past year. Hope to have you visit again in the new year. Best, Donald


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