Fervor Coulee’s Favourite Roots Christmas Albums of 2010   Leave a comment

I had meant to post this before Christmas, but neglected to do so before leaving for Jamaica from which I have just returned- a day late due to an airplane malfunction, but safe and sound. I quite love Christmas music as long as it isn’t too sweet and has something a little different to recommend it. Not too much description- all the recommendations are pretty much as one might expect:

1. Kimmie Rhodes- Miracles on Christmas Day Reviewed below in my most recent newspaper column. Stunning writing that brings warmth and personality into the mix.

2. The Indigo Girls- Holly Happy Days A range of sounds, all terrific. It sounds like an Indigo Girls album. “I Feel the Christmas Spirit” may be my favourite Indigo Girls song since “Shame on You.” Their live anthology released this year also has much to recommend it.

3. Winterbloon- Traditions Rearranged Meg Hutchinson’s name attracted me to this nicely-paced e.p. Lovely vocal arrangements, with just a bit of bite.

4. Ox- Silent Night and Other Cowboy Songs A very pleasant surprise. Introduced me to “Arthur McBride,” a song I keep hearing everywhere now that I know it. A bit affectatious in spots, but forgivable because the positives are, well, so positive.

5. Chris Jones & The Night Drivers- “Kentucky Noel” A lovely bluegrass Christmas song- captures the images we all might wish were included in our Christmases, past and present.

In my haste to post last night, I neglected to mention my favourite Christmas discovery, Larry Sparks & the Lonesome Ramblers’ Christmas in the Hills; released on King in 1976, this is an album that will be played annually around my home place. Through the wonders of the ‘net, the treasures that are found.


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