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Originally published in my Roots Music column in the Red Deer Advocate, February 18, 2011

Katie Moore Montebello Purple Cat Records

When Katie Moore’s Only Thing Worse arrived in late 2007, a major talent of the Canadian folk scene was revealed. More than three years later, she returns with Montebello and again impresses.

Moore has not been inactive since garnering raves for her debut album, having recorded with modern Canadian luminaries including Patrick Watson, Plants and Animals, and the very impressive Chilly Gonzales.

The sophomore slump has handicapped more than its share of artists, but Moore escapes this fate with an album as deeply introspective as its predecessor. While Moore’s music contains elements of folk and country, this crooner isn’t so easily contained within clearly defined genre-boundaries.

Reflective as the lyrics are, Moore and producer Warren C. Spicer buoy the mood with deceptively sparse instrumentation. While the musicians are well-separated in the mix, everything has the feel of a quiet evening at home amongst friends. Wake Up Like This is perhaps the albums most energetic number with a peppy backbeat propelling Moore’s assertion that “you can’t walk these streets alone, mile for mile.” 

Something on Your Mind and Honey On Juice feature wonderful guitar elements, and Moore’s evocative voice is framed by these tasteful contributions.

As she has previously, Moore adroitly complements original songs with choice covers. Paying tribute to the tradition is a gorgeous rendering of Anna McGarrigle’s devastatingly Heart Like a Wheel while David Wiffen’s We Have Had Some Good Times allows Moore yet another opportunity to explore melancholy shadows.

Similar to Jill Barber, Katie Moore’s sensitive and independent spirit is well displayed on this very satisfying album.

If you enjoyed her first album, you’ll find much to appreciate with the new disc. Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Best, Donald


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