Steve Forbert “Hey Good Lookin'”-“Four Strong Winds”   Leave a comment

If I was a good blogger, I would have mentioned this two weeks ago. Steve Forbert is giving away tracks recorded live in Seattle (Oct. 2010), but only a track per day and they are only up for two days each. So…we’re on track 13 today- again, sorry!- but today’s track is notable for its Canadian content- Ian Tyson’s “Four Strong Winds” completes a two song-medley with “Hey, Good Lookin'”. Get it here…but only for a few more hours:

I’m not suggesting that it is life-changing, but it is a darn fine little performance of a song I haven’t before heard from Forbert.

Forbert is one of those artists who ‘get it’, in my opinion. He understands that by whetting listeners’ appetites in this manner, he engages them with his music and realizes that by building this relationship, he profits (however marginally) in the end. He has been posting free, live downloads for years and even released a collection of these a couple years back.

Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald


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