John Wort Hannam in Red Deer tonight   Leave a comment

Well, technically, outside of Red Deer on Gasoline Alley at The Hideout. I’m planning on getting off my behind and getting out to this concert tonight, and if you’re in the area, you’re well-advised to do the same. I’ve seen John Wort Hannam several times- in house concerts, in coffee houses, on festival stages- and have never had reason to be disappointed. Sorry for the short notice- I heard about this concert last week, but didn’t think of posting about it until just now. Yes, bad blogger, bad. 9:00 start, the posters say with an opening act.

Canadian Folk Music Award winner for album of the year- and for once, the voters agree with me!

If I get a chance to speak with JWH, I hope I remember to ask him about Craig McKerron, he of the lamented Slowdrag- according to the website, Craig opened a recent Salt Spring Island show for John.

Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee, Donald


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