Del McCoury & Preservation Hall Jazz Band- Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Aug. 6, 2011

I just received in the mail today the new album- released tomorrow, April 12- from the Del McCoury Band & the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and while I haven’t yet listened to it, I am more than hopeful that I am going to be impressed. I base that on the single cut Del McCoury sang on the Preservation Hall tribute album of last year; “After You’ve Gone” was darn fine, so I’m excited- different, of course, from what I’m used to from Del and the band, but still very good.

But what sent me over the top was the announcement contained within the various papers sent with the album that Del and ‘Em would be apprearing with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band at this summer’s Edmonton Folk Music Festival. Such an appearance hasn’t been posted at the website, but…Pollstar has it down as well.

This comes just a few days after I spoke aloud to my wife  those words I should never say: “I don’t need to go to any of the festivals this summer.”

What was I thinking?

As always, thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald

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