CDs, bonus tracks, and Kasey Anderson

While in the big city today, I almost bought Kasey Anderson’s latest album. Having not heard of it prior, it would have been a completely spontaneous purchase- often the best kind. I ended up not getting it, can’t remember why but I did purchase a few others.

Now, I’m glad I didn’t because, visiting Anderson’s website tonight I find out that the iTunes version of the album comes with 3 exclusive bonus tracks. 

I understand and embrace bonus tracks. What I don’t understand, what I can’t wrap my wee simple brain around, is why artists (and their related companies) insist on short-changing those of us who actually travel to brick and mortar stores to buy the physical product- the one that has artwork, liner notes, and all that claptrap.

My diatribe against Rosanne Cash having done this with The List more than a year ago is here:

More recently, Alison Krauss and Union Station did something similar with a Target exclusive edition that has 6 bonus tracks. I’ve held off on purchasing Paper Airplane simply because I haven’t decided if I’m going to tray to order this version from the States. (We don’t have Target’s in Alberta. Yet.)

Can someone explain why my dollars, spent in a store, should be worth less than the (usually much less) dollars I spend electronically for a digital edition of an album?

I suppose I’m just grumpy tonight. Again.

Excuse me while I go download Heart of a Dog. BTW, Kasey maintains a very good and frequently funny and cutting site at Today’s picture soothes my aching heart tonight. Sometimes I think cats are too good for our world.

Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald

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