Support WDVX next Wednesday!

I love WDVX- for most of the past ten years, I’ve been listening to my favourite little Knoxville station (on-line) on a regular basis. Some years I listen more than others, and in all honestly I haven’t been listening too much of late. But this week I’ve fallen back into a very good habit.

As I’m typing, Charlie and Alex are hosting The Bluegrass Special, one of the finest bluegrass shows I’ve ever listened to. I’ve listened to Alex progress from an exuberant yet poised child to a fine young broadcaster, and Charlie is always in fine voice. They play the finest mix of bluegrass I’ve found on the Internet- it suits me and my tastes just fine.

But, WDVX is much more than bluegrass. For me, WDVX is a connection to East Tennessee- a place I’ve never visited but have always longed to see- in my wilder dreams, I imagine going on a teaching exchange to Knoxville or Sevier County, spending some time in the Smokies, dropping in for a Blue Plate Special or a show at The Shed, and volunteering at the station that started in a camper. Heck, a week in a Sunset Cottage would do me well.

And it is hard to find a better selection of Americana music, all brought by hosts- like Red and Grace and Tony and Freddy and Nita…- with charm and wit. When I’m listening to WDVX, it is almost like I’m spending time with a family branch I’ve never met. I feel at home.

I tell you all that to tell you this- WDVX is listener supported radio, and Charlie and Alex just mentioned that they’ll be doing a one-day fundraiser June 29. Drop over to and give them a listen. If you like what you hear over the next week, reach into the wallet and make a donation. I have done so frequently in the past and will endeavor to do so this time out as well. They have fine incentives if you need some encouragement.

Thus ends this unsolicited message in support of WDVX.

Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald

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