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With Canada officially 144 years and one day old, I thought I would share the following link. My Polaris cohorts over at Herohill have just posted a massive creation- 36 Gordon Lightfoot covers solicited from (mostly) Canadian independents. Man, can you imagine what would happen if I tried such a thing? Talk about dedication.

I’m only nine songs into my listening (going through alphabetically by artist) and while I’m not into every sound I’m hearing, I am largely very much enjoying these interpretations: favourites so far include Cam Penner’s reading of “Alberta Bound,” A.A. Wallace’s “Early Morning Rain,” and Chris Velan’s “Canadian Railway Trilogy.” Digits’ “Changes” isn’t terribly rootsy but sounds pretty groovy to my ears. Fervor Coulee ffaves including Woodland Telegraph, The Wheat Pool, and Mark Davis are also included on this set.

More about the project and download here:  http://www.herohill.com/2011/07/herohill-vs-gordon-lightfoot-turning-back-the-pages-of-my-sweet-shattered-dreams.htm

Happy listening- now, go back to the television and watch the Royals plant a tree.

Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald


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  1. Donald, sorry it’s taken me so long to discover your site! Congratulations (and thanks for the cheering Matt Andersen review!) – I’ve bookmarked it for much future reference!



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