J. R. Shore- Live in Red Deer Thursday, July 7

As a result of a publishing hiccup, my Roots Music column wasn’t published last Friday and therefore I missed mentioning that Leeroy Stagger pulled into The Hideout for a show recently. While I was unable to attend, I do hope that some roots music fans went out to the Gasoline Alley tavern and eatery over the holiday weekend.

Calgarian J. R. Shore visits Red Deer’s The Hideout this week on Thursday evening, July 7. Both Stagger and Shore are esteemed songwriters who are beginning to make their mark internationally and they really deserve an ear.

J. R. Shore is that rare artist that I’ll turn off WDVX for, as I did just this morning to prepare this post. He has an easy way with rhythm and rhyme, producing lyrically rich songs made all the more buoyant by a seemingly never-ending variety of sounds and melodies. In the space of a couple of songs he’ll journey from New Orleans horns and songs of Virginia memories to Alberta and ragtime. “The Undertaker’s Horse” is a song that wouldn’t be out-of-place on the finest roots mixtapes.

His http://www.myspace.com/jrshore will provide an overview of what he does- comparisons to Tom Waits and Dr. John seem silly, but that’s who he brings to mind.

Shore also performs in Sherwood Park, Twin Butte, and Calgary’s Ironwood Stage & Grill this week before heading to British Columbia for a series of appearances including a stand in the beautiful community of Kaslo.

Check him out if you get the chance; I think you’ll be impressed.   

Hopefully my column appears this coming Friday, with a review of Kayla Luky’s album.

Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald

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