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You know I love my Dale Ann Bradley; I have every confidence that there isn’t a more expressive and enjoyable female vocalist working in bluegrass today. Heck, let’s set gender aside: DAB is my favourite bluegrass singer. I was thrilled each of the three times she was named IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year (ending- or at least interrupting- Rhonda Vincent’s streak) and I’ve got my fingers crossed she will reclaim the crown when the awards are again announced in a few weeks.

I’ve written at length about her great new album Somewhere South of Crazy elsewhere and below, and while I wouldn’t have picked “Come Home Good Boy” as the album’s first single and signature track, the folks at Compass Records are way smarter than me. The video is touching, more hopeful than songs like “Travelling Soldier” (thank goodness) but evoking a similar, deep reaction. Dale could be singing about her own son here so sincere is her performance. What is a bit odd, to me, is that this song is perhaps the least ‘bluegrass’ on an album that has no shortage of ‘grass. Again, the folks at Compass know what they’re doing. It is a tight performance, just Dale, Sierra Hull and Steve Gulley: pure and straighforward.

Here’s the video.



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