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Mike Angus Hymns Shameless Record

Brief at 25-minutes, The Wheat Pool’s Mike Angus’ new release is an audio interpretive journal of reflections and impressions of a Tuscan retreat.

Those who appreciate Sun Kil Moon, Ox, and Great Lake Swimmers will find much admire within these eight sparse pieces. The room in which the songs were recorded is as much a part of the album as the compositions; it is as if Angus recorded himself in a large room and allowed the walls and ceiling to texturize the sounds he was creating.

Experimental in nature, Edmontonian Angus challenged himself to compose in new ways and the result is an uplifting set of music that engulfs the listeners with hope, spirit, and inspiration. The album truly hits its stride with a trio of songs mid-disc, the radio-friendly Swallow It Whole, the atmospheric and descriptive Italy, and the groovy, elaborate, and lyrically acute Scaffold Christ before reaching its pinnacle with the four-minute opus Cold, Cold Ground.

Hymns doesn’t sound much like The Wheat Pool. Rather it is the concise effort of a performer in search of a mystery within himself. Given the results, I’d suggest Mike Angus found it.


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