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7:18- next performers are Sierra Hull & Highway 111. I’ve missed the chance to see her show a couple times, but do appreciate her sound. “Best Buy.” A swinging tune. Not sure if it’s bluegrass, but I’m beyond arguing that point.

7:21- Kyle comes back on. I’m holding my tongue/fingers. I already rethunk and deleted one comment from 25 minutes ago.

7:22- live to tape, Crowe, Williams, and Lawson with Chris Jones: speaking of Jimmy Martin’s influence on their music and how they played in the Sunny Mountain Boys. I love that Chris asks a pointed question and then gets out of the way and allows the artists to speak. Imagine that.

7:25- back to the show…this typing and listening is tiring. I’m getting paid for this, right?

7:26- Sam Bush introduces Tom Rozum! and Martino Coppo. Some fine humour…kinda.

Dale Ann Bradley
Sonya Isaacs
Alison Krauss
Claire Lynch
Rhonda Vincent

And the winner is…Dale Ann Bradley- for the fourth time! Yes!!!!

Loved Martino’s reinterpretation of the ladies’ names.


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