IBMA Awards 2011

7:38- Steve Martin’s current contributions to the music can’t be overstated. Alison Brown and Tony Trischka to present the next awards. A bit forced and gushing.

Blue Highway
The Boxcars
Sam Bush Band
Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper
The Infamous Stringdusters

And the award goes to…The Boxcars. The first shock of the night, although not surprising. How can a band with just over a year on the resume beat out Blue Highway?!!! Geez. Reminds me of the year Cherryholmes won Entertainer of the Year. Nothing against the Boxcars, all who seem like nice guys. When will Blue Highway get their due. I know the answer, Jon; when the voters vote for them! I predicted a night of Gibson wins; looks like I should have went with the Boxcars.

7:42- The next mention of the Bill Monroe Centennial introducing the Mandolin Player of the Year award.


Wayne Benson, Sam Bush, Sierra Hull, Ronnie McCoury, Adam Steffey

I’m going to revert back to my Steffey prediction…The award goes to…Adam Steffey. I think he was my prediction. I’ll have to check.

Another heartfelt and still humourous acceptance speech.

7:45- Russell Moore and IIIrd Tyme Out are on stage. “Pretty Little Girl From Galax.” Among the many places I had never heard of before I turned to the bluegrass world. I need to visit the south- one visit to Nashville isn’t near enough. Why does IBMA have to be at the start of the school year? A good sounding song; I think IIIrd Tyme Out has a new album coming out soon. I may buy that one.

7:48- Another break

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