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8:48- The Gibson Brothers sounded very good, as have most of the performers tonight. “Help My Brother;” I haven’t bought that album yet, but I’ll need to do so.

Another break. Chris talks to KSB.

8:52- I think we’re down to five awards. My percentage has taken a beating, especially on the how I would have voted side of things.

8:53- Back to the stage of the Ryman. Steve Martin and Sam Bush together to present the Gossip Recorded Performance of the Year.


“God’s Front Porch,” Lou Reid & Carolina (artists), Dennis Duff (songwriter), Lou Reid (producer), Rural Rhythm Christian (label)

“He Can Be Found,” The Gibson Brothers (artists), Ella Barrett & Faye Cunningham (songwriters), Eric & Leigh Gibson and Mike Barber (producers), Compass Records (label)

“In God’s Hands,” The Boxcars (artists), John Benjamin Rochester (songwriter), The Boxcars (producers), Mountain Home (label)

“Prayer Bells of Heaven;” J.D. Crowe, Doyle Lawson & Paul Williams (artists); J.F. Lowe & H.W. Ward (songwriters); Ben Isaacs (producer); Mountain Home (label)

“Sailing On,” Russell Moore & Dale Ann Bradley (artists), Rick Lang (songwriter), Jesse Brock & John Miller (producers), Rural Rhythm Christian (label)

“Prayer Bells…” perhaps? Let’s see…The award goes to…“Prayer Bells in Heaven.”

One of my favourite bluegrass gospel songs. Yup, I need to get this one.

A bedtime joke from Doyle at JD’s expense.

8:58- More nice words about Monroe around songs.


“Help My Brother,” The Gibson Brothers (artists), Leigh Gibson (songwriter)

“I Am Strong;” The Grascals featuring Dolly Parton (artists); Jamie Johnson, Susanne Mumpower-Johnson, Jenee Fleenor (songwriters)

“I’ll Take Love,” Dale Ann Bradley with Alison Krauss & Steve Gulley (artists), Louisa Branscomb & Dale Ann Bradley (songwriters)

“Trains I Missed;” Balsam Range (artists); Walt Wilkins, Gilles Godard, Nicole Witt (songwriters)

“Walkin’ West to Memphis,” The Gibson Brothers (artists), Chris Henry (songwriter)

And the 2011 IBMA Song of the Year is…“Trains I Missed;” Balsam Range (artists); Walt Wilkins, Gilles Godard, Nicole Witt (songwriters)

Wow! Welcome to the IBMA awards!

By the way, I just bought Look to the Light- I meant to save it to my wish list and hit download- I didn’t even notice right away. I hope it is good!


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