IBMA Awards 2011- Del McCoury

8:23- Bush reads the awards presented earlier today- see my post earlier if you like

8:24- Who would be better to induct Del McCoury into the Hall of Fame than his sons Ron and Rob.

Ron just mentioned Del’s patience which I find interesting because it is this quality that I have also noticed in Del the few times I’ve spent time in his company. (No, we’re not pals.) But I did spend an extended period of time backstage with Del at the Calgary Folk Music Festival one year where he talked about bluegrass, the business side of things especially, in an open and honest way. He really made me understand the value of re-recordings, not just artistically- as the performance of songs later in life can add to the original- but also financially for the artists. Getting those song rights, owning your music, is what counts- and not just for the current generation. I recall the way he stated that he was operating McCoury Music not only for himself, but for his family, his grandkids.

I also recall his manner with Jean, a lady who has been kind to me each time we’ve met. I felt like she remembered me from one meeting to the next although I can’t see how she could have.

As I listen to the men talk about their dad, I am pleased that Del is being inducted.

The first bluegrass festival I attended was headlined by the Del McCoury Band (minus Bub who was sick with, I think, the chicken pox); imagine a better introduction to the world of bluegrass fests. Not likely.

Ola Belle Reed was mentioned by the guys, in connection to “High on a Mountain.”

A real nice moment for the McCoury clan, I’m certain.

8:35- Del makes his way to the stage. What I would give for a video simulcast. I love his speaking voice. Del calls Jean to the stage, along with other family members.

8:38- It says a lot about Del that he has spent minutes gathering his family and introducing each person. A thank-you to Bill Monroe as Del recalls his first time working with Mr. Monroe in NYC.

8:40 Getting back on track with his Monroe story. Thanks to Ricky and Sharon Skaggs. Del won’t be making a commercial for York County, PA. The state of bluegrass: “It’s better than it has ever been!” “I listen to Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs, Jimmy Martin…you can’t beat that stuff.”

Now, let’s get Hazel Dickens in the Hall of Fame.

8:43- Del isn’t done, having forgotten Jason and Alan. And thanks to the labels- Rounder, Rebel, Arhoolie, Skaggs, Grasstown, Revonah…

8:45- The Gibson Brothers hit the stage.

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