IBMA Awards 2011- Lonesome River Band hits the stage

9:04- I am not the biggest fan of LRB. When they came to Red Deer they performed very well and I enjoyed listening to them, and when I saw them at Stony Plain five or six years earlier they did the same. But their songs just don’t stick with me the way others’ do; without consulting notes, the only song I really recall from their Red Deer show is “I Bought Her a Dog,” and that’s not even one of ‘their’ songs. Still, folks love them, so I’m well in the minority. “The RCA Phonograph Record Time Machine” is a good one I have to admit. Nice guitar touches.

9:07- Dale Ann Bradley and Tim O’Brien- two of my favourite voices together- to present the next awards. A shout out to the radio hosts, bloggers and journalist- I’ll say, Thank you, for that, Tim.

Darin & Brooke Aldridge; Balsam Range; The Boxcars; Sierra Hull & Highway 111; Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers

With two of the listed bands having won awards tonight already, I’d say BR and Boxcars are the favourites- The Boxcars, not a surprise given how the evening has went.

I wonder what the impact of these awards have on a band like The Boxcars’ overnight and next week sales.

9:11- Zip file and project of the year nominees:

The All-Star Jam: Live At Graves Mountain; Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, The Crowe Brothers, Lonesome River Band, Mark Newton, Lou Reid & Carolina, Carl Jackson, Audie Blaylock & Redline, Carrie Hassler with Brand New Strings (artists); Mark Newton & Carl Jackson (producers); Rural Rhythm Records (label)

Almost Home, Larry Sparks (artist), Larry Sparks (producer), Rounder Records (label)

The Boxcars, The Boxcars (artists), The Boxcars (producers), Mountain Home (label)

Help My Brother, The Gibson Brothers (artists), Compass Records (label), Eric & Leigh Gibson and Mike Barber (producers)

Rare Bird Alert, Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers (artists), Tony Trischka (producer), Rounder Records (label)

Trains I Missed, Balsam Range (artists), Balsam Range (producers), Mountain Home (label)

This one could go several different ways- I am still hoping for the Larry Sparks album, but am not a fool. I’m sure it won’t win. I think I predicted Help My Brother, so…The Gibson Brothers- Help My Brother


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