IBMA Awards 2011- The Aftermath

I demonstrated, once again, that I am a better predicter predictor (obviously not a speller)of results than I am likely to vote the way of the IBMA masses.

I got 6 of the 20 awards I hazarded predictions on accurate. I only would have voted with the winners in two four (learn to count) cases, but one of those was the evening’s biggest award, Entertainer of the Year. (Also, Dale Ann as Female Vox, “Trains” as Song, and Escott for liner notes.)

9:50- Chris Jones admited that he didn’t do very well either.

Highlight- Dale Ann reclaiming her Female Vocalist award

Surprise- “Trains I Missed” getting Song of the Year

Gimme of the night- Rob Ickes getting Dobro Player of the Year…and I still didn’t predict it. And Michael C. as Fiddler

The album I haven’t heard that I need to hear- both the Doyle, JD, and Paul disc and the Gibson Brothers album. And yes, I predicted it would win without hearing it. I’m that good!


And thanks to all of you- over 400 hits tonight. Yikes! For me, that is a heck of a lot; best day ever here at Fervor Coulee.

Tomorrow, I blog about Blue Bloods.

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