IBMA Awards 2011- The early results   1 comment

Earlier today several awards were handed out- here is what I found on the IBMA site:

Broadcaster of the Year Katy Daley

Print Media Person of the Year Juli Thanki

Bluegrass Event of the Year Silver Dollar City’s Bluegrass & BBQ Festival; Branson, MO

Best Graphic Design City of Refuge, Abigail Washburn (artist); Ricardo Alessio & Erica Harris (designer & artist); Rounder (label)

Best Liner Notes A Mother’s Prayer, Ralph Stanley (artist); Colin Escott (writer); Rebel (label)

Of the two I made predictions (read, Threw a Dart at a Board) I’m one fer having got Colin Escott correct. Still think the James Reams’ notes were overlooked.

If I get anywhere near 50% for the rest of the night, I’ll be pleased. And shocked. I recognize some of the names awarded and send congrats to all. I’ll need to do more Googling for Juli Thanki; I’m not sure where the former 9513 scribe is hanging her hat these days.

More to follow…


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  1. These days Juli Thanki is editor and writer over at

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