IBMA Awards 2011

Nice acceptance speech from Michael Cleveland- mentioned his influences, an impressive list.

7:06- DLQ launch into a tune I don’t know…”Long Time Coming,” maybe? Nothing wrong with those voices. I heard mixed reviews of the Doyle Lawson performance at Blueberry this year- sounds good to me.

7:09 J.D. Crowe and Paul Williams head into “Prayer Bells of Heaven.” Love that song, and I’m not sure why I didn’t pick it for my Recorded Event song. O, yeah- because Dale Ann and Alison were also nominated. They sound good; I haven’t seen the album it is taken from in the stores- I’ll need to look at iTunes and eMusic later. And I’ll need to listen to the latest Paul Williams album, too; love his bluegrass gospel sound.

7:11- Laurie Lewis and Sammy Shelor up to present. Mention of the Steve Martin Prize…and another forced joke. $50 ooo will do Shelor well  this year.

Jamie Dailey
Leigh Gibson
Russell Moore
Dan Tyminski
Josh Williams

And the award goes to…fingers crossed for Dan T….Russell Moore, for the second year in a row.

Bluegrass folks are a humble lot.

Next up, Mr. Monroe’s least favourite award:


Mike Auldridge

Jerry Douglas

Rob Ickes

Randy Kohrs

Phil Leadbetter

And the award goes to…Rob Ickes. Again.

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